How Smart Technology Can Help You Get Around Labor Shortage

Smart Concrete

Maximizing Efficiency on the Job Site Not only did the construction industry lose approximately 2 million skilled construction workers during the recession between 2007 and 2011, many of the skilled workers that were forced out of the industry have not returned. What’s more is that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment in […]

Can SmartRock® Plus Reduce Shoring Costs and Accelerate Construction?

Shoring. It might be the most boring part of any construction project. Hundreds of vertical supports just standing there, for weeks, doing nothing. As boring as it is, shoring is a critical safety element designed to keep new concrete structures from collapsing. The good thing about shoring: it keeps the building from crushing the crews […]

Ready Mix Producers Can Cut on Operational Costs with SmartRock® Plus

According to industry data, quality management for all concrete production costs about $1 per cubic yard in the U.S. Of that dollar, 75¢ represents the cost of the quality department in working on job sites, making and breaking cylinders, and all of their other critical functions. The rest of that dollar is from customer claims […]

3 Benefits SmartRock® Plus Gives Flatwork Contractors

Simply put, SmartRock® Plus is a rugged concrete maturity system, coupled with powerful reporting and data sharing capabilities, and real-time temperature monitoring. As with all maturity systems, the contractor can benefit from knowing real-time strength allowing him to post-tension decks, strip forms, or open pavements to traffic sooner. However, with the ease of real-time temperature […]

10 Days to SmartRock® Plus

What if there was a new technology to help you quickly, easily improve the profitability of your ready mix business? What would this “ideal” new technology look like to a concrete producer? It would probably encompass: Innovative technology that has proven value to contractors Low risk for the concrete producer Minimal R&D time and investment […]

4 Uses of SmartRock® Plus for Prestressed Concrete Producers

SmartRock® Plus was originally designed for ready mix producers, however, prestressed concrete producers now also see a lot of opportunity in this technology. There are four ways prestressed producers can take advantage of the SmartRock® Plus technology for real-time monitoring of temperature, strength, and maturity. 1) Temperature Monitoring: Many specifications and DOT requirements necessitate recording […]

Who Can Benefit from the SmartRock® Plus Solution?

Speeding up Construction Projects with SmartRock® Plus SmartRock® Plus is designed to speed up construction on projects incorporating critical path concrete. The days saved on a schedule can benefit the developer, the contractors, and the concrete producer. For property developers, the time of construction costs money in interest paid on construction loans and lost revenue […]

SmartRock Sensors Help Project Managers Make Quick Decisions

Wanda Vista is a nearly 100-story skyscraper currently under construction in Chicago (Illinois) and will be the city’s third largest tower upon completion. The project includes various post-tensioned elements. To apply tension on the cables in these elements, it is critical to ensure that the concrete has enough strength in order to avoid any cracking […]

Components of SmartRock® Plus

While the SmartRock® Plus system is a full business solution for improving ready mix producer market share, customer loyalty, and profitability, at the heart are three primary components: sensors, the mobile application, and the cloud. Sensors The sensors are revolutionary in that they incorporate the most powerful commercially available wireless chip to be able to […]

Re-Thinking Captured Carbon

What to do with Captured Carbon? With concrete being the second most consumed substance on earth (next to water), it is no secret that the concrete industry is one of the leading sources for carbon dioxide emissions, creating as much as 5 per cent of worldwide man-made emissions of the gas. The production of cement […]

6 Reasons Ready-Mix Producers Should Partner with SmartRock® Plus

SmartRock® Plus is the new, branded, concrete mix solution designed to help concrete producers improve their bottom line. Ready mix companies are signing up for SmartRock® Plus and its unique real-time strength reporting to differentiate, decommoditize, delight customers, demonstrate technological strength, and deliver profits. How? Differentiate Differentiation is critical not only to a company’s quarterly […]

Construction Software is Heading Toward the Cloud

There is a perception that construction software applications are only affordable and needed by large multinational companies working on billion-dollar jobs. However, Daniel De Monte, President of Toronto’s Flat Iron Building Group, states that is not actually the case. “We’re a boutique construction company,” De Monte says. “We’re not EllisDon or PCL. But we saw […]