Can SmartRock® Plus Reduce Shoring Costs and Accelerate Construction?

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Shoring. It might be the most boring part of any construction project. Hundreds of vertical supports just standing there, for weeks, doing nothing.

As boring as it is, shoring is a critical safety element designed to keep new concrete structures from collapsing. The good thing about shoring: it keeps the building from crushing the crews working on site. The bad things about shoring: it costs a lot of money, and it gets in the way of the other trades that need to build out the floors.

SmartRock® Plus Shoring

Many contractors leave the shoring in place until the 28-day break shows that the concrete is up to strength and ready to have the shoring removed. Shoring will continue to be a critical safety practice, but what if there was a way to remove it sooner?

With real-time strength results from the SmartRock® Plus system, contractors may no longer have to wait until the 28-day break to know when they can remove shoring. With a properly calibrated mixture, they’ll be able to see on their smartphone app when the concrete is up to strength and the shoring can be removed.

Benefits to the project include reductions in shoring costs and faster schedules as the other trades can get in to a floor sooner to start their build out.

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