Optimize Your Project Schedule With Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensors

SmartRock wireless sensor labeling

The construction industry is often described as being “slow”. Often this refers to how long it takes to complete a project, especially when multiple industry specialists are involved. However, more and more the construction industry has been referred to as “slow to adopt new technology.” This is especially true when testing the compressive strength of […]

Make Your Construction Jobsite Safer and Faster with Smart Sensors

installing a smartrock wireless sensor on rebar

Sensors embedded in concrete let you know when it’s cured and ready. Concrete is the material most widely used by humans — after water. As its ingredients are readily available almost anywhere in the world, it is the main component used by architects and engineers in the building of foundations, multi-story and high-rise structures, bridges, […]

5 Reasons Construction Professionals Buy IoT Devices

The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated as IoT, refers to the connection of devices to the Internet. These IoT devices range from cellphones, computers, and wearable technology to cars, homes, and appliances. Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of connected technology, one field that greatly benefits from […]

Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Construction Projects

In today’s digital world, the use of tablets in the business environment is becoming increasingly popular. This is true for the construction industry as well, where tablets are being used to give contractors and engineers access to data on the go during various building and infrastructure projects. Technological advancements such as cloud databases and expanding […]

Update Your SmartRock App Today!

At Giatec, we always take customer feedback seriously in order to add value to our products and give users the best possible experience. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved SmartRock app, which has incorporated all your suggestions into a user-friendly, intuitive interface that still has all the functionality of […]

Is Your Home Smarter Than Its Building Materials?

From controlling everything including your lights and laundry via your smartphone, to your Amazon Alexa randomly laughing in what some call a very creepy manner, IoT is everywhere. Not only is it surrounding us in our modern homes, it’s also present in the production, delivery, placement, and use of concrete. Smart Technology in the Concrete […]

How IoT Can Optimize the Construction Industry

Construction is still regarded as a traditional industry with heavy focus on physical tools, pen and paper. Nevertheless, digitization is around the corner and new technologies have already started to become an active part of the building process. It’s no secret, then, that the sector is rapidly changing and that IoT technology is having tremendous […]

Connected Infrastructure: The Development of Smart Cities

Why Smart Cities Should Use Smart Sensors A new project is underway along part of Toronto’s waterfront that aims to build a smart city. Assisted by Sidewalk Labs, the project’s focus is to incorporate smart technologies into the infrastructure. Although details about which smart technologies will be used for the project are limited, it has […]

Is this the new Golden Age of Infrastructure?

Pre-emptive Testing to Increase Productivity in Construction In construction, many things can go wrong, from calculation errors to a minor miscommunication; but however small the error is, the mitigation process can significantly affect profit margins. In many cases, project planners underestimate the value of information. The McKinsey Global Institute report on Infrastructure Productivity underlines the […]

A Take on Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry


By Roberto Nunez, Lecturer and Senior Construction Extension Specialist (Department of Civil Engineering, NC State University) In response to: Can We Uberize the Construction Industry? As we know, building codes are only MINIMUM standards. Therefore, within the broad objectives of preserving the life and well-being of users and that of the environment (while fulfilling the […]

Hands-on with SmartRock® Plus Producer, Hilltop Companies

Hilltop Companies, a Ready-Mix concrete producer in Cincinnati, Ohio, welcomes Giatec for hands-on training In an effort to continue delivering quality services and products to their customers, Hilltop Companies participated in a two-day training session where they received on-site and technical training on SmartRock® Plus. SmartRock® Plus is a value-added solution for ready-mix producers who […]

Concrete Sensors Eliminate Guesswork

Original article appeared on Stuff.co.nz Christchurch-based manufacturer and supplier of concrete technologies, Canzac, has introduced sensors that can be buried in concrete to measure strength and humidity. Founder Lance Canute said most people don’t think too much about concrete even though it is used everywhere for houses, warehouses, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, wastewater treatment plants […]