10 Days to SmartRock® Plus

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What if there was a new technology to help you quickly, easily improve the profitability of your ready mix business? What would this “ideal” new technology look like to a concrete producer?

It would probably encompass:

  • Innovative technology that has proven value to contractors
  • Low risk for the concrete producer
  • Minimal R&D time and investment
  • Fast and easy implementation: no plant equipment to install, nothing to mount on trucks

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? That’s what we’ve built in SmartRock® Plus.

Regarding ‘Fast and easy implementation’, you might be wondering how fast and how easy it is to implement SmartRock® Plus in your business. You can be up and running on SmartRock® Plus in 10 days or less. SmartRock® Plus licenses come with live training to help new producers learn the system and how to bring it to market, including a marketing strategy session. Also in that training session, mix calibrations and validations are reviewed in detail, as are procedures for training contractors and troubleshooting.

For people on the launch team, during the training, you’ll want to identify who will be responsible for the roles of technical manager, sales manager, and marketing product manager. The technical manager will be responsible for mixture calibration and validation, training contractors, and troubleshooting. Executing the marketing strategy will be the responsibility of the marketing product manager. And, most important, generating revenue is the responsibility of the sales manager.

Once the training is complete, calibrations can begin in the lab, and, for some mixes, in 7 days or less be ready to go live to start projects. Add it all up: one day for training, two days to plan and prepare, seven days for calibration. Fast and easy – 10 Days to SmartRock® Plus.

With most new technologies, investing and implementing is a costly and cumbersome process. With SmartRock® Plus, investing is low risk (typically on the order of $0.02/cy on total production in the first year), and implementation is quick and simple.

Want to learn more? Download the app for a short demonstration:
iPhone App
Android App

Then, call us to schedule a live demo at your plant: +1 (877) 497-6278.

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