Who Can Benefit from the SmartRock® Plus Solution?

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Speeding up Construction Projects with SmartRock® Plus

SmartRock® Plus is designed to speed up construction on projects incorporating critical path concrete. The days saved on a schedule can benefit the developer, the contractors, and the concrete producer.

For property developers, the time of construction costs money in interest paid on construction loans and lost revenue from not having the facility open to rent-paying tenants or for businesses. By speeding up the construction process with SmartRock® Plus, these costs can be reduced to the developer and make the project more profitable.

Similarly, construction costs for contractors can be reduced by incorporating SmartRock® Plus into the project. By speeding up the project, costs of equipment rental, form rental and labor can be reduced.

When a concrete producer wins a project, they know they’ll get paid on the project, but don’t know how long it will take to finish — delays to the schedule can occur due to weather, change orders, or a number of other reasons. SmartRock® Plus has the capability to speed up projects, so it enables the contractor to shave days off the schedule which means the ready mix supplier produces the concrete sooner and gets paid sooner. For concrete producers, SmartRock® Plus helps reduce time and eliminate delays.

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