5 Remarkable Innovations

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The World of Concrete 2015 trade show, hosted in the dynamic city of Las Vegas attracted over 60,000 attendees this year with over 1,400 exhibitors. Every year, as the show continues, the quantity of innovative and exciting products continues to grow and the concrete world is forever changing. It is exciting for the concrete industry to see such entrepreneurship in this field and the willingness to do more.

This year, there were over 50 applicants for the MIP award (Most Innovative Product). All exhibitors had the chance to be entered into a competition to win the MIP in their specific industry. The winners will be announced in a few weeks, but here are some great products and companies deserve an honorable mention.

5. Rubber Stone
As environmental concerns have risen and become more important to consumers, it seems fitting to recognize companies using this movement to innovate and gain a competitive edge. Rubber Stone has created a paving surface made with recycled rubber from old worn tires. The material is extremely durable and able to withstand intense weather conditions on either spectrum for up to 5 years before needing any repair. This material is just one of the many ways concrete is being replaced to ensure durability.

Before the stairs were repaired and after using Rubber Stone to correct them

4. Simiron
This company specializes in concrete coatings and carries advanced products expected in this industry. One product that sets them apart, and was extremely eye-catching, is Cerafin. Reffered to as The Barrier in a Bucket, this protective barrier coating can be used on any surface to act as protection against corrosion, chemicals and most interesting graffiti. The coating has then than 50 g/l VOC, which has been a great selling point in schools to avoid the children being exposed to the fumes. All of this company’s products are constantly innovating and changing the concrete coatings industry. For more information click here.

A demonstration of graffiti removal using the coating

3. Power Assisted Wheelbarrows (PAW)
The wheelbarrow has been a basic construction tool when transporting materials from point A to point B. PAW has taken this simple piece of equipment and transformed it into a powerful device to be used by workers ranging in strength capabilities. Although wheelbarrows can hold up to 300llbs, however transporting this heavy load is not a simple task. The PAW is equipped with a 24V drive system and a removable battery and charger. The company has tutorial videos posted free of charge to demonstrate the safety and operations of the PAW. It shows true innovation and entrepreneurship to take such a simple concept and turn it into an in demand product. To learn more click here.


2. Flexcrete
This product is becoming more prevalent in the market each year as it continues to prove to the concrete industry its ability to compete. This company has had close partnerships with Lowes working on products that have remained sustainable for over 10 years and still lasting. Repairs to the Golden Gate Bridge have been made using Flexcrete and many other projects worldwide including countries such as Hong Kong and Australia. Their mixtures can be used in various projects from concrete repair to new build construction. Their product is extremely durable and quick apply and dry. For more information click here.

the clever coaster giveaways at World of Concrete 2015

1. Giatec Scientific
This smart concrete testing technologies company is based in Canada, being the only producer for these types of devices. The engineering firm’s goal is to promote sustainability and durability through its testing devices and ensure concrete being testing will last a long time. All of their devices are very unique, however, the XCell tablet device is especially original and appealing to the 21st century market. Using a handheld tablet, the device is able to measure the corrosion potential and temperature in concrete and graph the points on a grid to view the results. The data is easily transferred via wireless communication to different devices and can be analyzed efficiently in a lab. The company is realeasing a similar product called the iCor before the end of 2015, that for the first time ever can measure corrosion without needing a connection to the rebar. The company is constantly innovating to stay new and exciting.

The Xcell tablet in use

By: Sarah McGuire

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